.Mother Earth Rock

How the story goes:

Dustbowl were formed in Athens Greece (May 2006) by Nick Fysakis (Guitar), Giotis “The Shoeshine Boy” Petrelis (Drums), Lydi a Grammatikou (Bass, Vocals), DD Dynamite (Vocals, Guitar until Dec. 2010) and Big George (Vocals 2006-09, 2011-14).  
John “Hardy” Houstoulakis (Pedal Steel Guitar, Guitar) joined the band in 2008.  
Makis Dremetsikas (Guitar, Vocals joined in 2014) and Panos Birbas (Vocals, Guitar joined in Jan. 2015) fulfilled the current line-up along with drummer Nick Panayiotou (from the brotherhood of Penny Dreadful band).

Dustbowl built their own flavor of Americana & Alt. Country-Rock: “Mother – Earth Rock” as they called their new “Great Fandango” album and project. They weren’t concerned about fitting in or being a part of what anybody else was doing but the “rebellious and deviant chain gang & the dust bowl refugees”!

The band released "Ramblin' Blues" E.P. in 2006 through their “Dusty Records” label.

The following year, the band recorded - in just four days - their debut album "Troublebound & Lonesome". The album got raving reviews in local and international press and combined with the band's energetic live shows gained them a cult status and a strong following in the local underground scene. Since then John “Hardy” Houstoulakis joined the band as their pedal steel & guitar player.

Dustbowl went to the studio in May 2009 and recorded 14 new songs for their "Goin' Down" album which features notable special guests such as Alex K. (The Earthbound, The Last Drive), Phil Shoenfelt ( Fatal Shore, Southern Cross) and Jeremy Gluck (The Barracudas). In fact "Goin' Down" is their legacy’s cross section album.

Dustbowl continued to play gigs constantly and recorded "Christma's Time's A-Comin’" (Nov. 2013) for Restless Wind's Complilation "Christmas For Everyone".

The band became the first local underground band who played at Megaro Mousikis Athinon (March 2014) presenting "Johnny Cash: The Tribute Show".

Dustbowl released " Suicide Avenue / Winter's Almost Gone" (Cd Single) in May 2014.

The band recorded another single: “ Black River’s Chest (The Burden Revisited) / Flamin’ Rose” (Cd Single / July 2014).

“The Great Fandango” is the new Dustbowl’s album (May 2016). The band tried to made the watertight case for their music as an art form in itself. At a time when all local undeground music was stringently manufactured, these guitar-driven melodies and those Americana-produced whorls of sound proved that untried ground was not only the most fertile stuff, but also the most viable. It defined the past and - for good and ill - gave Dustbowl all its airs and graces.  

“The Great Fandango's” soulful music resides not just in its compositional forms and instrumental invention, but in the elaborate vocal harmonies and lyrics that imbue these sad songs with an almost heartbreaking grandeur…it’s their “Mother – Earth Rock” elegy.


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"Dust Bowl" were those whirlwinds and hurricanes of dust that infested the South-West States of America from 1930 to 1938. A term born in those hard times from the people who lived in the drought-stricken region during the Great Depression. The "Dust Bowl Days", also known as the "Dirty Thirties", took its toll on Cimarron County. The decade was full of extremes: blizzards, tornadoes, floods, droughts, and dirt storms.

The Dust Bowl did not cause the Great Depression, although it did contribute to some of the economic problems. The dust storms began years after the arrival of the Great Depression, leaving them only to further hinder the economy. When farmers in the Midwest started having problems with their crops because of "black blizzards", they found it difficult to make profit and eventually lost their land to banks and the government. With their land barren and homes seized in foreclosure, many farm families were forced to leave. Migrants left farms in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Iowa, and New Mexico. The Dust Bowl exodus was the largest migration in American history within a short period of time.

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